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The meaning of dreaming about white hair

Our hairs are gifted by our parents, which are the basic components of the body. If they appeared in dream, and the meaning would be generally associated with our own physical health. This article is introducing some hair dreams explainations, for example, what is the prediction of dream about hairs are becoming white.

The explanations of dream of white hair in " Online Dream Dictionary ":

Original: White hairs indicate longevity and good luck

Meaning: Dreamed about silver-hairs, which suggests good health and longevity.

The followings are the  interpretations of a white-hairs dream in ancient Oneiromancy:

  1. Dreamed about hairs are becoming white as snow, which indicates that the dreamer would have good health, even a little discomfort could not endanger health.
  2. Dreamed about growing white hairs, which indicates that the dreamer recently would encounter some sad things.
  3. Dreamed about husband and wife are having white hair, which would be an auspicious dream, and it indicates that the dreamer would have good love fortune, two people would remain happily married to a ripe old age.
  4. The patient dreamed about growing white hairs, which indicates that the dreamer would soon recover.
  5. Elderly people dreamed about white hairs, which indicates that the dreamer would be healthy and longevous.
  6. Dreamed about white hairs are falling down, which indicates that the dreamer's children and grandchildren would experience unprosperous things, or be infected with the disease.
  7. Dreamed about gray hairs, which indicates that the dreamer would be in good physical condition, which is a symbol of longevity. But if the hairs showed gray and gloomy, which means that your relatives or friends might have something wrong recently.

Other interpretations related to dream of hairs

  1. Dreamed about losing your hairs, which indicates that the dreamer might have conflict with friends.
  2. Women dreamed about losing hairs or cutting hairs, which is the widowhood sign.
  3. Men dreamed about losing hairs, which suggests that the dreamer might get sick and should pay attention to health;
  4. Dreamed about others are losing hairs, which means that your friends mgiht need your help.
  5. Dreamed about long hairs, which means the dreamer might get disease or poverty.
  6. Dreamed about someone else's hairs are getting long, which means the dreamer might be tired of secular life, and would make self-torture far away from home.
  7. Dreamed about combing the hairs, If the hairs were very smooth, which indicates that the dreamer would live a happy and comfortable life; if the hairs were knotted and unsmooth, which indicates that the dreamer would be whiny, which indicates that the dreamer recently might encounter unprosperous things.
  8. Women dreamed about their long hairs, which is a lucky dream, and it indicates that the dreamer would live a sweet love life, they would be happy for a long time.
  9. The woman dreamed about being dragged away by others, which means she would leave her husband because of death or other misfortune.
  10. Man dreamed about growing long hairs, which also is an auspicious dream, it indicates that his family would be happy without sorrow.
  11. Dreamed about having long hairs, which is a good omen.
  12. Dreamed about long hairs are almost covering the face, which suggests that the dreamer should be careful not to make rash action or misunderstand, otherwise might encounter wrong situation.
  13. Dreamed about inviting barber to cut your hairs, which means that your heterosexual fate would rise rapidly.
  14. Dreamed about marcelling your hairs, which means that your wealth would be declining.
  15. Dreamed about rolling up hairs, which means that the intimate relationship with your lover would be known by others and would change your position.
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