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Detailed Explanation of Zodiac Ox Horoscope in 2014

Zodiac Ox people Horoscope in Lunar New Year

Bing Yin month (Gregorian February 4, 2014 -- March 4, 2014)

The fortune is ill in this month with a lot of impact, and should be careful to do anything as well, where the matter step by step based, restrict the active by quietness. To make prepared to face unexpected problems for good mentally, face calmly, dare to insist that the difficulties are temporary. In particular, you must make more convergence temper, always be more patient, to avoid the temper reasons to provoke scourge! Wealth has improved, but still not suitable for investment, especially risk type of investment! Note preparedness financial problems! In emotional aspects you should spend more time to spend with lovers, in order to avoid feelings cooling

Zodiac Ox people Horoscope in Lunar February

Ding Mao month (Gregorian March 5, 2014 -- April 4, 2014)

This month's fortune is relatively dim, there would be a lot of work career obstacles in life, there are some troublesome things happen, you can not very well say anything, everything is to be careful, everything can not be aggressive, should seek progress! Also to be taken to avoid unassuming, MO nosy, but also wary of the villain, not acquainted, to avoid being swindling money! Wealth is also difficult to satisfactory, fear or even bankruptcy in danger, not to invest. More attention to health, try to eat die harmful to stomach!

Zodiac Ox people Horoscope in Lunar March

Wu Chen month (Gregorian April 5, 2014 -- May 4, 2014)

The fortune is improving in this month, as long as you manage by heart, everything can make steady progress based on the requirements of stability, career development is smoother, have both elegant aid, luck is soared. But pay attention to prevent emergency situations, be vigilant to an accident caused by the scourge! Everything should be personally controlled, to a preventive measure. Meanwhile in interpersonal aspects may be appropriate to those active in order to improve your relations and favorable month. Wealth is very busy with good fortune, may be appropriate to invest in profitable! New progress will be emotional, you should spend more effort to cultivate their feelings! Pay more attention to family health.

Zodiac Ox people Horoscope in Lunar April

Ji Si month (Gregorian May 5, 2014 -- June 5, 2014)

Fortune is unstable in this month, go through thick and thin together, everything should think twice before insurance undertakings deliberate effort to continue to develop! Working pressure is relatively large, it may encounter unexpected changes artificially hinder or make all efforts in vain. You should coordinate better relationships, more exchanges with others, in order to avoid ruining your career due to friend became enemy! Wealth is ups and downs, windfall is like this, it is not appropriate for risk type of investment required to be careful!

Zodiac Ox people Horoscope in Lunar May

Geng Wu month (Gregorian June 6, 2014 -- July 6, 2014)

Fortune is improving in this month with an improvement over the previous month, but still difficult to satisfactory, many things have hindered efforts and you must deal with careful management, so you could safely get through. You should not rush to fore in career, keep low-key as well, less participate for the wonderful for unnecessary communication activities, natural can sew bad luck. Be careful of villain, to avoid non-tongue! Wealth is in the doldrums, wealth is acceptable, still not investing in moderation as well. Emotionally as well go with the flow, not forced. Pay more attention to health, take care of the body, to guard against accidents.

Zodiac Ox people Horoscope in Lunar June

Xin Wei month (Gregorian July 7,2014 -- August 6, 2014)

Fortune of this month can be said that a sharp decline with many twists and turns, thered will be a lot of work obstructions, there are also some non-life trouble occurs, makes it difficult to be optimistic. Everything should be careful, everything can not be aggressive, should seek progress, carefully guard before safely through! Wealth is although good, can have even bankruptcy in danger, not to invest. Prevention of disease, beware of villain!

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